Quick Manual FREDDY Balcony Solar Set

Congratulations on the FREDDY balcony set! With FREDDY you generate your own electricity with sunlight in a few moments. These instructions make it easier to prepare, hang up and plug in FREDDY.


This video summarizes how to unpack, hang and plug in FREDDY.


Look at your specific situation at hand and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where will FREDDY hang?
  • Where is the socket for feed in?
  • Where can you put the inverter?
  • How will the cables go from FREDDY to the inverter and further to the socket?


1FREDDY solar module with 6 eyelets for converting sunlight into large amounts of direct current
2Inverter for feeding into the home power grid
3Extension cable between FREDDY and the inverter
4MC4 Adapter
5Cable for connecting the inverter to a socket
6Superseal waterproof seal


Be careful on balconies!

Working on balconies can be dangerous. If something falls down, people can die. When hanging FREDDY , nothing must fall off from the balcony. FREDDY must be hung up safely for many years.

Every balcony is different, so there are many ways to hang FREDDY safely. Select suitable measures on site. Here are a few examples for even more safety.

  • Wear sunglasses

    We love our sun and we love our eyes. That’s why we protect our eyes from UV radiation and look casual.

  • Use quality cable ties

    FREDDY hangs in the sun for years. The cable ties have to withstand UV radiation for many years. Use UV-resistant plastic cable ties and metal cable ties.

  • Use many eyelets and use eyelets several times

    Use as many eyelets as possible. Several cable ties fit in one eyelet. Better to use too many cable ties than too few.

  • Tighten FREDDY

    Mind strong winds. Fix FREDDY tightly to a surface so that FREDDY can no longer move around.

  • Use additional protection strings

    Use additional ropes or cables to secure FREDDY while hanging FREDDY up to a balcony.

  • Mount FREDDY inside first

    Try to mount FREDDY inside the balcony railing first and don’t tighten the cable ties too much. Then you may turn FREDDY from the inside to the outside.

Connect FREDDY to the inverter

Connect FREDDY with their MC4 connectors to the inverter.

Unplugging MC4 connectors

MC4 connectors are waterproof. Once put together, they are difficult to open. Use the MC4 tool to quickly open MC4 connectors.

Commect the inverter to the home network

Use the included connector cables to plug the inverter into the socket. The cable snaps nto the inverter and locks itself. Twist the connector into an open position to unplug.

Feed in

As soon as enough sunlight hits FREDDY , the inverter starts feeding into the home network. The green LED lamp on the inverter starts to flash. The more power is fed into the socket, the faster the inverter flashes.

Visualize the power flow

An optionally available power meter can be used to measure how much electricity is fed into the socket.