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The Solar Module for Balconies and Terraces

FREDDY hangs around and turns sunlight into electricity. This ultra-lightweight high efficiency solar module is ideal for small spaces like balconies and terraces. Hang FREDDY onto railings or walls and generate your own power from sunlight quickly and easily.

How FREDDY works


FREDDY converts sunlight into large amounts of direct current (DC)


The inverter transforms solar power to home electricity


Solar power from FREDDY mixes with the public grid and reduces energy costs.

Solar module for the balcony

Solar cells have been used for calculators and satellites for decades. Usually solar modules were installed on roofs permanently. With FREDDY you generate your own electricity on balconies and terraces. When sunlight hits one FREDDY then power up to 70 watts is generated. Install up to 4 FREDDYs to get a total output of up to 280 watts.

Connect FREDDY to your home network

The inverter transforms the solar electricity from FREDDY into normal alternating current (AC) for the home network. The inverter monitors the public grid and stabilizes it. Our inverter is connected to a regular power socket with a normal plug for home use. When the inverter is unplugged it switches off within a few milliseconds to protect you from electricity. This redundant safety shutdown technology is certified and safe for more than 10 years.

Solar power saves on the energy bill

The electricity from FREDDY mixes with the electricity from the public grid. Electricity always takes the shortest path. The electricity flows directly to the devices plugged in at home. Now you need less power from the public grid. With FREDDY you save energy costs and generate your own power.

FREDDY Technical Data

For accurate SolMates

Electrical Data

Max. Power Pmax 70 W
Max. Power Voltage Vmp 34,80 V
Max. Power Current Imp 2,01 A
Open Circuit Voltage Voc 41,06 V
Short Circuit Current Isc 2,17 A
Cell efficiency 24 %

Mechanical Data

Weight 1,1 kg
Dimensions 705 x 546 x 3 mm
Cable 900 mm 2 x 1,5 mm²
Connector TE Amp Superseal

The inverter

For years we have had the very best experiences with the AE Conversion INV-315-50 made in Germany.


Max. Power Solar Modules 315 W
Max. DC Voltage 50 V
Min./Max. Startup Voltage 20 V / 50 V
MPP Range 24 V ... 40 V


AC Nominal Power 300 W
AC Nominal Voltage 230 V
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Max. efficiency 96 %

Mechanical Data

Dimensions 390 x 100 x 30 mm
Weight 0,8 kg


FREDDY is very easy to install and generates your own electricity in just a few moments. FREDDY is 80% lighter compared to a conventional solar module and is hung up using eyelets. FREDDY can be connected to the power grid with convenient plugs without any tools.


For FREDDY we use Sunpower® solar cells, which break all records in efficiency tests. With our special cell connection, even more electricity flows with FREDDY than with other solar modules of the same format. The specially structured surface of FREDDY catches the light even better instead of reflecting it. With all this efficiency FREDDY generates a lot of electricity with little space.


FREDDY‘s innovative plug-in system also enables non-technical users to carry out safe installation. The inverter has been setting standards in terms of reliability, safety and compliance with standards for years. The certified grid monitoring of the inverter reacts in a few milliseconds and enables the safe use of normal plugs for the socket.

Power Crowd

With FREDDY you can not only save energy costs. How will our energy system look like in the future? The fossil energy system leads us to a dead end. Let’s take new paths!

If every home in Europe uses only one FREDDY we can turn off 3 nuclear power plants or 6 coal power plants. Let’s go solar!

Backup Power Blackout Offgrid

Use FREDDY together with the SolCube power generator. With SolCube you generate your own power even when there is no public grid or sunshine available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I install a FREDDY set?

You no longer need to draw the electricity you generate yourself from the power grid. This slows down electricity consumption and the electricity meter slows down or even stops. When FREDDY produces a surplus, the electricity begins to flow back into the power grid. Old electricity meters then turn backwards. New electricity meters have a backstop.

Network operators must allow FREDDY. Network operators are strictly regulated monopolies. The European Network Code therefore regulates exactly what network operators are allowed to do. According to Title 1 and Article 5 of the European Network Code, producers with less than 0.8 kVa (corresponds to approx. 800 watts) are not significant for power grids. This means that the effect of FREDDY on a power grid is negligible and does not have to be checked separately.

FREDDY is so easy to use that absolutely anyone without any technical knowledge can hang FREDDY and plug it in. If help is needed anyway, we are sure to find a solution.

The more direct sunlight hits FREDDY, the more electricity it generates. On cloudy days FREDDY produces significantly less electricity or no electricity at all. In the three winter months of November, December and January FREDDY produces around 10% of the entire year. Most of the yield occurs in summer.

Hang FREDDY completely in direct sunlight to get the most out of it. Inside FREDDY the solar cells are connected together in series in one string. This means that electricity generation drops significantly even when FREDDY is only partially shaded.

FREDDY is built in protection class IP65. It has complete protection against human contact. Dust cannot penetrate and FREDDY is protected against water from any direction. FREDDY can hang outdoors all year long.

FREDDY is a semi-flexible solar module and can be bent a little. Under no circumstances should FREDDY be kinked, otherwise the solar cells will break.

The FREDDY solar module is guaranteed for 5 years. The AE Conversion inverter warranty is 10 years.

With a SolCube, FREDDY can also be used in the event of a power failure.

The feed-in inverter from AE Conversion reacts in the event of a power failure, targeted switching off of fuses or unplugging. In a few milliseconds it switches off the electricity with a double safety switch. This means that you can no longer electrify yourself at the feeder plug and you are always protected when changing a socket.

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