solar power quick and easy

Solar module for balconies and terraces

FREDDY hangs around and converts sunlight into power. This light-weight and efficient solar module is ideal for balconies and terraces. Hang FREDDY on railings and walls and generate your own electricity.

Clean and silent power generator

SolCube is a compact solar generator which works completely without any noise or pollution. SolCube powers electrical appliances anywhere off the the public grid.

Handle the sun


Back in the days people believed that the earth was the center of all being. In 1543 a guy named Nikolaus Kopernikus found out that we circle around the sun. He called his outstanding discovery a “revolution“.


Today it is widely known that solar power will play a key role in our future energy system. It already helps us power our internet, mobile phones, fridges and many more things. We are SolMates and we like solar power. We are ordinary people who power their stuff on balconies, at events or for small businesses. The sun belongs to us all. Let’s handle solar power with ease!


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