simon plug and play module

Plug and play solar helps you run your most needed appliances like mobile phones, computers, fridges or coffee machines. You can place them on a balcony, terrace or garden. Before collecting your own energy with a plug and play solar system yourself always consider what you want to do with your freshly harvested energy.

Plug and play solar power starts with small steps

Not long ago I was able to talk to a former astronaut. He seemed to be skeptical about solar power although he owns a rooftop solar installation himself. He was not able to get off-grid with his entire house.

Moving all your existing home appliances to solar power at once is expensive. It is like trying to watch a DVD on an old fashioned VCR. Many appliances were built for the old fashioned hard wired electricity infrastructure. Solar power will help you with most appliances out there. But not all of them are compatible with solar power.

First, try to power one single appliance. I started with powering my mobile phone, then a computer and then a light. I can take those appliances off grid now. A fridge will be one of the next to try.

Use appliances with integrated batteries

It is no coincidence that appliances like smart phones and laptops already work great together with solar power. They have integrated batteries. We are used to keep an eye on the battery level all the time. When you think about it, a fridge has an integrated battery as well. It can store the cold for several hours.

When buying appliances for the future, consider choosing appliances with integrated battery. You can charge them in times when there is enough sunshine. Drillers, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, speakers and much more stuff already uses batteries.

wireless vacuum

Bosch Athlet wireless vacuum cleaner with integrated battery is ready for plug and play solar power

Get a feeling for peak power

Don’t worry. You don’t need to be a graduate from a technical university to understand the basics for electricity. Just try to keep in mind, that your appliances require different peak powers.

Boiling water needs a lot of energy in a short time. Water heaters therefore need a lot of power of around 1.000 to 2.000 Watts for a few minutes. To fully charge your smart phone, little power is needed but it takes much longer. Smart phone chargers require around 5 to 15 Watt for hours. There is a huge difference between these numbers. Although their peak powers and minutes in use differ vastly, charging a phone and making a cup of coffee almost uses the same amount of energy.

Appliances usually have power specifications printed on to them. Try to find the power specifications of your favorite appliances and compare them to each other. Which one has the highest power rating?

Bosch driller

Bosch Athlet wireless vacuum cleaner with integrated battery is ready for plug and play solar power