Once, someone compared an organisation with a tree. It has roots, stem, branches and leaves. We discussed what new ideas, projects or changes meant to an organisation. Are those actions like leaves, which might grow for some time and eventually fall off again? Are they branches which stay over winter but are still attached to the same roots? Or do we seed new plants in new environments to create new amazing opportunities?

When I look at how the energy system works it sometimes feels like that those wind mills and solar power plants that we built in the past decades are branches and leaves on an old tree whose roots are terribly sick. We still use the same power grid, although renewable strengths lie within decentralized structures. We still use the same market rules to calculate energy prices and their value for our daily life. When someone switches on a light in a living room, the energy for that light still travels through thousands of kilometers of copper wires from a central plant to the light bulb.

What if the wire between the power plant and your light shrinks to a few meters? What if you can generate your own electricity? What if you make yourself independent from organisations you were stuck with for so long? This opens completely new paths on how to organize daily life with family, friends and colleagues.

We are working on a new base to help people create and maintain comfortable places anywhere in the world. Even on Mars.

To be continued…