Now everyone can make power

Compact solar generator for power lovers

SolCube powers your most needed electrical appliances like fridges and computers anytime anywhere. It is a plug and play solar system with integrated battery and electronics to convert energy from solar modules into electricity for daily use. With SolCube you turn any place off the grid into a comfortable home.

Your own solar power in 3 easy steps

How it works

Collect sunlight

Place solar modules into the sun to collect sunlight. Face your solar modules directly to the sun and use larger modules to collect as much sunlight as possible.

Plug in cables

The connection cable between solar module and SolCube can be up to 15 meters. Enough to place the solar module into the sun and SolCube inside your newly solar powered outpost. Whenever sunlight hits the surface of the solar modules then SolCube charges. The -A- display will show you, how fast the battery is charging.

Power on!

Run your most needed appliances anytime anywhere. When running appliances, keep an eye on the battery indicator. Some appliances only need very little power, others empty your battery quickly.

The solar generator that suits your needs

Choose color, power and battery size for your SolCube. Think of the appliances that you want to run with solar energy and check their power rating in Watts. This will help to choose the right SolCube. Need help choosing? Try SolCube Assistant. Want a different configuration? Tell us!

  • SolCube Basic
  • 200 Watt AC @ 230V / 50Hz
  • Fast USB charging
  • 384 Wh lead AGM battery
  • 18 kg
    43 x 43 x 43 cm
  • SolCube Pro
  • 1.000 Watt AC @ 230V / 50Hz
  • Fast USB charging
  • 712 Wh lithium battery
  • 25 kg
    43 x 43 x 43 cm

Solar modules generate power

Whenever sunlight hits the surface of the solar modules they generate power. SolCube stores that solar energy and converts it to electricity for daily use.

Larger solar modules charge faster because they catch more sunlight. And if charging with one solar module is not fast enough for you, we gave SolCube a second module slot. Two solar modules double the charging speed.

We recommend using ultra-lightweight modules that are easy to handle and can be fixed on many places. Solar modules with a frame may be placed on the ground in different angles. That helps you move the solar module along with the the sun at different times of the day.

Naked solar modules without the frame can easily be attached to flat surface like walls and roofs.


Optional frame to place module on ground


Optional solar module can be mounted flat onto a wall or roof

SolMates got the power

SolMates are people like you and me. They share the same passion for solar energy. SolMates now power their most needed appliances up to 1.000 Watts with solar energy only. Anytime anywhere. Sweet!

SolCube Pro

Some examples







Small Fridge









Loud Music






Vacuum cleaner



Boil water






Larger solar modules charge faster

SolCube Pro has 3 times the battery size of a SolCube Basic. So it takes  longer to charge it when it is empty. To boost charging time, use larger solar modules.

The charging times are estimated with sunshine in Austria. To check sunshine for your location try our Solcube assistant.

Small module

Charging time for an empty SolCube Basic



Charging time for an empty SolCube Pro



Medium module

Charging time for an empty SolCube Basic



Charging time for an empty SolCube Pro



2 x Large

Charging time for an empty SolCube Basic



Charging time for an empty SolCube Pro



Want to see more appliances?

Our assistant helps you find out which SolCube suits your needs. We will use your location to look up local sunshine data.

Where will you power you appliances?

Want to see more?

Watch the video

Where to get SolCube

Get SolCube on Indiegogo.

Exclusively and only during our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo we offer 8 different colors. Some colors  will not be available anymore, after the campaign on Indiegogo has ended. 

Taking care of you

Simon, 34

With more than a decade of experience in the solar industry, Simon realized many different solar projects all over Europe. He managed power generators ranging from a single solar module to large scale power plants providing thousands of homes and small business with renewable energy.

From 2014 to 2016 Simon created an innovative plug and play solar module that is used on city balconies of more than 2.000 happy solar pioneers ( . After collecting hundreds of requests from people who also need electricity off the grid, Simon decided to create the easiest and most personal solar power plant ever. SolCube was born.

Ferdinand, 25

At university Ferdinand developed computer simulations that help predict the reliability for solar systems off the grid. When his brother Simon asked him to team up, Ferdinand became determined to find the perfect system configuration for powering the most needed electrical appliances.

Ferdinand knows for sure that the way we organize food, water, energy and mobility will change significantly within the next one or two generations.

Look behind the scenes