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This compact solar generator called SolCube powers your most used electric devices like fridges, computers and many more.

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We are power lovers and share our passion for solar energy. We make solar power easy to use, reliable and affordable.

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Are you looking for a solution to power your ideas? We will guide you through whatever project you have in mind and help you get solar powered quick and easy. E-Mail or call us.

Solar Revolution

In 1543 the famous Nicolaus Copernicus amazed the world with a remarkable discovery: He observed that the sun is the center of our planetary system and not the earth. He described his findings as revolution. Today we feel it more than ever, that there will be no way around solar energy.

We are SolMates and our movement keeps growing. We are people who love solar power and use it for powering stuff in caravans, tiny houses, balconies and many other places. Sunlight already belongs to us all. Just use it!


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